HEMA Ratings

Performance ratings for competitive HEMA.

What's this?

HEMA Ratings is an effort to collect results from as many HEMA tournaments as possible and present ratings generated based on those. Read more on the About page.

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Category Tournaments Fighters Fights Last recalculated
Longsword (Mixed & Men's, Steel) 991 8601 90612 20 hours ago
Longsword (Underrepresented Genders & Women's, Steel) 334 1087 9078 5 days ago
Longsword (Women's, Steel) 305 921 7696 5 days ago
Rapier and Dagger (Mixed, Steel) 216 1737 12258 5 days ago
Sabre (Mixed & Men's, Steel) 299 2696 18437 19 hours ago
Sidesword (Mixed, Steel) 74 994 4451 5 days ago
Single Rapier (Mixed, Steel) 188 2070 12336 5 days ago
Singlestick (Mixed) 59 842 4509 5 days ago
Sword and Buckler (Mixed, Steel) 257 2233 13795 5 days ago
Unrated Fights 650 4497 29218
Total 3068 12386 194694