Savannah Historic Longsword Open 2017

April 1
United States

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Steel Longsword 91 22

Fighters in event


This lists the full outcomes in each of the tournaments at the event.

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Logan Ledwith Jacob Pemberton LOSS WIN
Darren Foley Lucas DeBlasi WIN LOSS
Shawn Gruber Darren Foley WIN LOSS
Logan Ledwith Benjamin Valenta WIN LOSS
Jacob Pemberton Lucas DeBlasi WIN LOSS
Shawn Gruber Jacob Pemberton WIN LOSS
Darren Foley Benjamin Valenta LOSS WIN
Lucas DeBlasi Benjamin Valenta WIN LOSS
Logan Ledwith Lucas DeBlasi LOSS WIN
Darren Foley Logan Ledwith WIN LOSS
Benjamin Valenta Shawn Gruber WIN LOSS
Lucas DeBlasi Shawn Gruber WIN LOSS
Jacob Pemberton Darren Foley LOSS WIN
Benjamin Valenta Jacob Pemberton WIN LOSS
Logan Ledwith Shawn Gruber LOSS WIN
Nathan Wetzstein Jeffrey Nunez DRAW DRAW
Jesse Crowder Dylan Eaton WIN LOSS
Seth Farrell Nathan Wetzstein DRAW DRAW
Jesse Crowder Martin Niggemeier LOSS WIN
Jeffrey Nunez Seth Farrell WIN LOSS
Dylan Eaton Martin Niggemeier LOSS WIN
Nathan Wetzstein Jesse Crowder WIN LOSS
Dylan Eaton Jeffrey Nunez WIN LOSS
Seth Farrell Jesse Crowder LOSS WIN
Martin Niggemeier Jeffrey Nunez LOSS WIN
Dylan Eaton Nathan Wetzstein LOSS WIN
Martin Niggemeier Seth Farrell WIN LOSS
Jesse Crowder Jeffrey Nunez LOSS WIN
Seth Farrell Dylan Eaton WIN LOSS
Martin Niggemeier Nathan Wetzstein WIN LOSS
Richard Vang Carmine Tenuta LOSS WIN
James Tuten Kevin Zeigler LOSS WIN
Richard Vang Kim Bullock WIN LOSS
Kevin Zeigler Carmine Tenuta LOSS WIN
Richard Vang Kevin Zeigler WIN LOSS
Kim Bullock Carmine Tenuta LOSS WIN
Richard Vang James Tuten DOUBLE LOSS DOUBLE LOSS
Kim Bullock Kevin Zeigler LOSS WIN
Carmine Tenuta James Tuten LOSS WIN
Bryan Johnson Jordan Scribner WIN LOSS
Daniel McLaurin Bradley Pemberton LOSS WIN
Gillian Abineri Bryan Johnson LOSS WIN
Bradley Pemberton Jordan Scribner WIN LOSS
Daniel McLaurin Gillian Abineri WIN LOSS
Bryan Johnson Bradley Pemberton WIN LOSS
Jordan Scribner Gillian Abineri WIN LOSS
Daniel McLaurin Bryan Johnson LOSS WIN
Gillian Abineri Bradley Pemberton LOSS WIN
Daniel McLaurin Jordan Scribner LOSS WIN
Jacob Pemberton Dylan Eaton WIN LOSS
James Tuten Seth Farrell LOSS WIN
Benjamin Valenta Daniel McLaurin LOSS WIN
Jesse Crowder Kevin Zeigler WIN LOSS
Gillian Abineri Lucas DeBlasi WIN LOSS
Bryan Johnson Jacob Pemberton WIN LOSS
Nathan Wetzstein Richard Vang LOSS WIN
Carmine Tenuta Seth Farrell WIN LOSS
Kim Bullock Darren Foley LOSS WIN
Martin Niggemeier Daniel McLaurin WIN LOSS
Jeffrey Nunez Jordan Scribner WIN LOSS
Jesse Crowder Bradley Pemberton LOSS WIN
Shawn Gruber Gillian Abineri WIN LOSS
Bryan Johnson Richard Vang WIN LOSS
Carmine Tenuta Darren Foley LOSS WIN
Jeffrey Nunez Martin Niggemeier LOSS WIN
Bradley Pemberton Shawn Gruber LOSS WIN
Darren Foley Bryan Johnson LOSS WIN
Shawn Gruber Martin Niggemeier LOSS WIN
Bryan Johnson Martin Niggemeier WIN LOSS
Martin Niggemeier Bryan Johnson LOSS WIN
Dylan Eaton Gillian Abineri LOSS WIN
Jordan Scribner James Tuten WIN LOSS
Daniel McLaurin Logan Ledwith LOSS WIN
Benjamin Valenta Kim Bullock LOSS WIN
Kevin Zeigler Nathan Wetzstein LOSS WIN
Lucas DeBlasi Jacob Pemberton WIN LOSS
Jesse Crowder Gillian Abineri WIN LOSS
Logan Ledwith Jordan Scribner WIN LOSS
Kim Bullock Seth Farrell LOSS WIN
Lucas DeBlasi Nathan Wetzstein LOSS WIN
Jesse Crowder Carmine Tenuta LOSS WIN
Logan Ledwith Richard Vang LOSS WIN
Bradley Pemberton Seth Farrell WIN LOSS
Jeffrey Nunez Nathan Wetzstein WIN LOSS
Carmine Tenuta Richard Vang LOSS WIN
Jeffrey Nunez Bradley Pemberton WIN LOSS
Richard Vang Shawn Gruber WIN LOSS
Jeffrey Nunez Darren Foley WIN LOSS
Richard Vang Jeffrey Nunez LOSS WIN
Jeffrey Nunez Martin Niggemeier LOSS WIN

Rating outcomes

This shows how the fighters' ratings changed in the month of the event.

Note: If someone competed in multiple events this month their rating changes will reflect their performance in all those events, not just Savannah Historic Longsword Open 2017