Örebro Öppna Långsvärdsturnering 2013

April 26

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Steel Longsword 63 32

Fighters in event


This lists the full outcomes in each of the tournaments at the event.

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Thomas Nyzell Jonathan Wilkins WIN LOSS
Cristoffer Holm Marcus Pettersson LOSS WIN
Thomas Nyzell Marcus Pettersson WIN LOSS
Jonathan Wilkins Cristoffer Holm WIN LOSS
Jaakko Hirvelä Marcus Pettersson LOSS WIN
Cristoffer Holm Joel Andersson WIN LOSS
Albin Svensson Thomas Nyzell LOSS WIN
Jonathan Wilkins Scott Hellroth WIN LOSS
Jaakko Hirvelä Knut Bonan WIN LOSS
Jonathan Wilkins Nicolas Gallardo WIN LOSS
Scott Hellroth Kalle Kylmänen WIN LOSS
Cristoffer Holm Matias P WIN LOSS
Albin Svensson Magnus Lundborg WIN LOSS
Andreas Markehed Thomas Nyzell LOSS WIN
Pontus Vigur Marcus Pettersson LOSS WIN
Joel Andersson Staffan Sannemalm WIN LOSS
Conny Corneliusson Mattias Johansson WIN LOSS
Cristoffer Holm Fredrik Eiman WIN LOSS
Emil Andersson Fredrik Eiman WIN LOSS
Cristoffer Holm Emil Andersson WIN LOSS
Emil Andersson Andreas Markehed LOSS WIN
Joel Andersson Erik Andersson WIN LOSS
Ingela Vretblad Erik Andersson DRAW DRAW
Magnus Lundborg Erik Andersson WIN LOSS
Rakel Frøyen Jesper Christiansen WIN LOSS
Jaakko Hirvelä Rakel Frøyen WIN LOSS
Jesper Christiansen Nicolas Gallardo LOSS WIN
Rakel Frøyen Nicolas Gallardo LOSS WIN
Scott Hellroth Conny Corneliusson WIN LOSS
Mattias Johansson Scott Hellroth LOSS WIN
Scott Hellroth Marcus Pettersson LOSS WIN
Jesper Christiansen Jaakko Hirvelä LOSS WIN
Jaakko Hirvelä Nicolas Gallardo WIN LOSS
Cristoffer Holm Andreas Markehed LOSS WIN
Magnus Lundborg Joel Andersson WIN LOSS
Ingela Vretblad Joel Andersson LOSS WIN
Marcus Pettersson Conny Corneliusson WIN LOSS
Mattias Johansson Marcus Pettersson LOSS WIN
Ingela Vretblad Magnus Lundborg LOSS WIN
Martin Betzenbichler Kristine Aagot Konsmo WIN LOSS
Kalle Kylmänen Martin Betzenbichler WIN LOSS
Olov Bjerkman Eliisa Keskinen WIN LOSS
Matias P Olov Bjerkman WIN LOSS
Rickard Hole Falck Knut Bonan LOSS WIN
Alfred Ottosson Knut Bonan LOSS WIN
Staffan Sannemalm Knut Bonan WIN LOSS
Matias P Eliisa Keskinen WIN LOSS
Kristine Aagot Konsmo Kalle Kylmänen LOSS WIN
Thomas Nyzell Kalle Kylmänen LOSS WIN
Stefan Myring Albin Svensson DRAW DRAW
Petter Vegsund Brodin Stefan Myring LOSS WIN
Martin Betzenbichler Thomas Nyzell LOSS WIN
Thomas Nyzell Kristine Aagot Konsmo WIN LOSS
Pontus Vigur Matias P LOSS WIN
Staffan Sannemalm Rickard Hole Falck WIN LOSS
Alfred Ottosson Staffan Sannemalm WIN LOSS
Petter Vegsund Brodin Albin Svensson WIN LOSS
Pontus Vigur Olov Bjerkman WIN LOSS
Eliisa Keskinen Pontus Vigur LOSS WIN
Stefan Myring Jonathan Wilkins LOSS WIN
Jonathan Wilkins Albin Svensson DRAW DRAW
Albin Svensson Petter Vegsund Brodin WIN LOSS
Andreas Markehed Fredrik Eiman DRAW DRAW

Rating outcomes

This shows how the fighters' ratings changed in the month of the event.

Note: If someone competed in multiple events this month their rating changes will reflect their performance in all those events, not just Örebro Öppna Långsvärdsturnering 2013

Rank Name Nationality Club Weighted rating Confidence
5 22 Thomas Nyzell Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola 1470.8 334.5
8 8 Marcus Pettersson Kungshamns Historiska Fäktskola 1456.7 171.3
13 Jaakko Hirvelä Grieswartt 1390.4
14 4 Jonathan Wilkins Gothenburg Historical Fencing School 1370.4 128.3
19 Kalle Kylmänen EHMS 1283.1
20 6 Knut Bonan Bergen HEMA 1279 28.4
21 8 Matias P Jyväskylä Academy of Historical Martial Arts 1259.4 124.6
25 25 Magnus Lundborg Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola 1209.2 220.9
26 30 Cristoffer Holm Örebro HEMA 1196.1 216.5
27 Scott Hellroth Gothenburg Historical Fencing School 1183.5
30 7 Staffan Sannemalm Örebro HEMA 1158.1 80.4
32 Albin Svensson Gothenburg Historical Fencing School 1147.5
37 Andreas Markehed Malmö Historiska Fäktskola 1134.5
38 17 Pontus Vigur Malmö Historiska Fäktskola 1131.7 149.2
44 Nicolas Gallardo Gothenburg Historical Fencing School 1105.5
45 20 Stefan Myring Örebro HEMA 1088.2 151.2
48 32 Joel Andersson Kungshamns Historiska Fäktskola 1077.5 308.5
49 Alfred Ottosson Örebro HEMA 1073.1
62 4 Petter Vegsund Brodin Bergen HEMA 1005.7 42.2
67 4 Emil Andersson Malmö Historiska Fäktskola 980.8 38
69 Martin Betzenbichler Ochs 964.9
70 Rakel Frøyen Gothenburg Historical Fencing School 961.4
71 Conny Corneliusson Gothenburg Historical Fencing School 945.4
72 Olov Bjerkman Örebro HEMA 942.7
83 23 Ingela Vretblad Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola 897.6 45.2
84 20 Jesper Christiansen Örebro HEMA 876.8 66
86 11 Fredrik Eiman Gothenburg Historical Fencing School 857.3 13.5
90 Rickard Hole Falck Bergen HEMA 810.1
92 Kristine Aagot Konsmo West Coast HEMA 785
93 Eliisa Keskinen EHMS 778.9
94 Erik Andersson Örebro HEMA 769.7
96 17 Mattias Johansson Kungshamns Historiska Fäktskola 763.5 22