Icebreaker 2016

April 16
United States

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Nylon Longsword 69 24

Fighters in event

Douglas Crighton Valour Historical European Martial Arts Academy
Frederic David La Salle d'Armes Escrime Ancienne
Adam Franti Ann Arbor Sword Club
Terry Gruber Ann Arbor Sword Club
Dale Utt Center for Blade Arts
Joe van Ert Center for Blade Arts
Noah Rothschild Center for Blade Arts
Scott Thomas Center for Blade Arts
Joel Johnson Center for Blade Arts
Anna Schliep Center for Blade Arts
Autumn Eule-Nashoba Center for Blade Arts
Chris Hage Center for Blade Arts
DJ Murray Center for Blade Arts
Matt Olesen Center for Blade Arts
Steve Mattsen Center for Blade Arts
Scott Jeffers Chicago Swordplay Guild
Josias Arcadia Minneapolis Amateur Swordfighting Association
Danesh Bankwala Minneapolis Amateur Swordfighting Association
Philip Ristow Minneapolis HEMA Study Group
Nathan Clough Minnesota Sword Guild
Nicole Green Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association
Aaron Pynenberg Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association
Katy Lehman Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association
Jake Nelson Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association


Mixed Nylon Longsword

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Philip Ristow Aaron Pynenberg LOSS WIN
Josias Arcadia Jake Nelson WIN LOSS
Joe van Ert Steve Mattsen LOSS WIN
Aaron Pynenberg Josias Arcadia WIN LOSS
Jake Nelson Joe van Ert LOSS WIN
Noah Rothschild Philip Ristow LOSS WIN
Aaron Pynenberg Joe van Ert WIN LOSS
Philip Ristow Steve Mattsen LOSS WIN
Josias Arcadia Noah Rothschild WIN LOSS
Philip Ristow Joe van Ert WIN LOSS
Noah Rothschild Jake Nelson DRAW DRAW
Steve Mattsen Josias Arcadia LOSS WIN
Aaron Pynenberg Noah Rothschild WIN LOSS
Jake Nelson Steve Mattsen LOSS WIN
Josias Arcadia Joe van Ert WIN LOSS
Aaron Pynenberg Steve Mattsen WIN LOSS
Philip Ristow Jake Nelson WIN LOSS
Noah Rothschild Joe van Ert WIN LOSS
Jake Nelson Aaron Pynenberg LOSS WIN
Steve Mattsen Noah Rothschild WIN LOSS
Philip Ristow Josias Arcadia WIN LOSS
Nicole Green Scott Jeffers WIN LOSS
Joel Johnson Katy Lehman LOSS WIN
Scott Thomas Douglas Crighton WIN LOSS
Joel Johnson Nicole Green WIN LOSS
Scott Jeffers Scott Thomas WIN LOSS
Douglas Crighton Katy Lehman LOSS WIN
Scott Jeffers Joel Johnson LOSS WIN
Scott Thomas Katy Lehman WIN LOSS
Nicole Green Douglas Crighton DRAW DRAW
Scott Jeffers Katy Lehman LOSS WIN
Nicole Green Scott Thomas WIN LOSS
Joel Johnson Douglas Crighton LOSS WIN
Katy Lehman Nicole Green LOSS WIN
Joel Johnson Scott Thomas WIN LOSS
Scott Jeffers Douglas Crighton WIN LOSS
Autumn Eule-Nashoba Anna Schliep LOSS WIN
Adam Franti Nathan Clough WIN LOSS
Terry Gruber Chris Hage LOSS WIN
Nathan Clough Anna Schliep LOSS WIN
Autumn Eule-Nashoba Terry Gruber WIN LOSS
Adam Franti Chris Hage LOSS WIN
Autumn Eule-Nashoba Nathan Clough WIN LOSS
Adam Franti Terry Gruber WIN LOSS
Anna Schliep Chris Hage LOSS WIN
Adam Franti Autumn Eule-Nashoba WIN LOSS
Chris Hage Nathan Clough WIN LOSS
Terry Gruber Anna Schliep LOSS WIN
Adam Franti Anna Schliep WIN LOSS
Terry Gruber Nathan Clough WIN LOSS
Chris Hage Autumn Eule-Nashoba WIN LOSS
Frederic David DJ Murray WIN LOSS
Matt Olesen Dale Utt WIN LOSS
Danesh Bankwala Matt Olesen LOSS WIN
Dale Utt DJ Murray WIN LOSS
Danesh Bankwala Frederic David DRAW DRAW
Matt Olesen DJ Murray WIN LOSS
Danesh Bankwala DJ Murray LOSS WIN
Dale Utt Frederic David LOSS WIN
Matt Olesen Frederic David WIN LOSS
Danesh Bankwala Dale Utt LOSS WIN
Aaron Pynenberg Dale Utt WIN LOSS
Josias Arcadia Matt Olesen LOSS WIN
Adam Franti Katy Lehman WIN LOSS
Joel Johnson Chris Hage LOSS WIN
Aaron Pynenberg Adam Franti LOSS WIN
Chris Hage Matt Olesen WIN LOSS
Matt Olesen Aaron Pynenberg LOSS WIN
Chris Hage Adam Franti WIN LOSS