Innokentii Ordin

Vier Winden


Mixed Steel Longsword 1 1 0 0 0


Category Rank (current) Weighted Rating (current) Rank (best) Weighted Rating (best)
Longsword (Mixed & Men's, Steel) Inactive 1050 880 (February 2022) 1081.7 (April 2017)

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The fighter has been on an island, I.E. has no direct link to most fighters, in 88 out of 88 months

Missing sections mean that the fighter was inactive, I.E. had not competed in 24 months or more.

The fighter's last active period was in March 2019

Match results

Longsword (Mixed & Men's, Steel)

DivisionEventStageOpponentOutcomeWin chance
Mixed Steel Longsword Big Moscow Tournament 2017 (April 2017) Vitaliy Kuznetsov WIN 50%