II. Budapesti Kardvívó Torna

May 24

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Steel Longsword 20 9
Mixed Nylon Longsword 10 5

Fighters in event


This lists the full outcomes in each of the tournaments at the event.

Rating outcomes

This shows how the fighters' ratings changed in the month of the event.

Note: If someone competed in multiple events this month their rating changes will reflect their performance in all those events, not just II. Budapesti Kardvívó Torna

Rank Name Nationality Club Weighted rating Confidence
23 94 Tamás Pongrácz Kard Rendje ViSE 1446.1 364.3
71 Ferenc Rádi Ars Ensis 1234.3
92 Ádám Szegle Kard Rendje ViSE 1140
126 Zoltán Pál Várhelyi Ars Ensis 1072.1
146 33 Gábor Hargitai Kard Rendje ViSE 1015.5 101.2
185 Gábor Németh Ars Ensis 891.9
193 Gábor Péter Kállai Anjou Udvari Lovagkör 860
200 László Fogl Ars Ensis 836.5
206 4 Balázs Kirschweng Kard Rendje ViSE 818.1 28