Treffen Historischer Fechter Deutschlands 2018

June 30

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Steel Longsword 36 9
Mixed Nylon Any One-Handed Weapon 21 7

Fighters in event


This lists the full outcomes in each of the tournaments at the event.

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Philipp Glamann Alexander Fürgut LOSS WIN
Philipp Glamann Anonymous fighter WIN LOSS
Jan Schäfer Philipp Glamann WIN LOSS
Philipp Glamann Arthur Herbst LOSS WIN
Jan Gosewinkel Philipp Glamann DRAW DRAW
Paul Becker Philipp Glamann LOSS WIN
Alexander Fürgut Anonymous fighter WIN LOSS
Jan Schäfer Alexander Fürgut WIN LOSS
Arthur Herbst Alexander Fürgut WIN LOSS
Jan Gosewinkel Alexander Fürgut DRAW DRAW
Alexander Fürgut Paul Becker LOSS WIN
Anonymous fighter Jan Schäfer LOSS WIN
Arthur Herbst Anonymous fighter WIN LOSS
Jan Gosewinkel Anonymous fighter WIN LOSS
Anonymous fighter Paul Becker LOSS WIN
Arthur Herbst Jan Schäfer WIN LOSS
Jan Gosewinkel Jan Schäfer LOSS WIN
Jan Schäfer Paul Becker WIN LOSS
Jan Gosewinkel Arthur Herbst LOSS WIN
Arthur Herbst Paul Becker LOSS WIN
Paul Becker Jan Gosewinkel WIN LOSS

Rating outcomes

This shows how the fighters' ratings changed in the month of the event.

Note: If someone competed in multiple events this month their rating changes will reflect their performance in all those events, not just Treffen Historischer Fechter Deutschlands 2018

Rank Name Nationality Club Weighted rating Confidence
83 33 Arthur Herbst Schwertspiel Dresden 1633.7 55.4
224 391 Alexander Fürgut Schwabenfedern 1518.6 186.7
327 Sven Rammelt Ochs 1468.3
394 45 Julian Nickerl Schwabenfedern 1431.5 27.7
417 260 Tom Tempel Twerchhau e. V. Berlin 1423.4 109.7
813 236 Paul Hofmann Saalefechter 1285.1 66.9
1108 66 Philipp Glamann HSG Schwertkunst 1196.5 8
1534 Johannes Hlawon Ochs Bamberg 1094.8
2233 192 Christian Münch Gladiatores München 930.5 31.1