Helsinki Bolognese Open 2016

November 19

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Steel Single Sidesword 68 28
Mixed Steel Sidesword & Buckler 16 16

Fighters in event


This lists the full outcomes in each of the tournaments at the event.

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Jesse Juhani Järvinen Konstantin Bulkin LOSS WIN
Touko Nieminen Ilkka Hartikainen LOSS WIN
Ville Siivola Konstantin Bulkin LOSS WIN
Touko Nieminen Jesse Juhani Järvinen WIN LOSS
Ville Siivola Ilkka Hartikainen LOSS WIN
Touko Nieminen Konstantin Bulkin WIN LOSS
Jesse Juhani Järvinen Ville Siivola WIN LOSS
Ilkka Hartikainen Konstantin Bulkin LOSS WIN
Ville Siivola Touko Nieminen LOSS WIN
Ilkka Hartikainen Jesse Juhani Järvinen WIN LOSS
Miro Lahtela Nikita Tatiannikov LOSS WIN
Mikael Kitola Kristian Ruokonen DRAW DRAW
Nikita Tatiannikov Joonas Peltokorpi WIN LOSS
Mikael Kitola Miro Lahtela WIN LOSS
Kristian Ruokonen Joonas Peltokorpi LOSS WIN
Mikael Kitola Nikita Tatiannikov WIN LOSS
Miro Lahtela Joonas Peltokorpi WIN LOSS
Kristian Ruokonen Nikita Tatiannikov WIN LOSS
Mikael Kitola Joonas Peltokorpi WIN LOSS
Miro Lahtela Kristian Ruokonen WIN LOSS
Zoë Chandler Jaakko Viitanen WIN LOSS
Pietro Bruzzi Jay Maxwell DRAW DRAW
Jaakko Viitanen Jyri Hakala LOSS WIN
Pietro Bruzzi Zoë Chandler WIN LOSS
Jay Maxwell Jyri Hakala LOSS WIN
Jaakko Viitanen Pietro Bruzzi WIN LOSS
Jyri Hakala Zoë Chandler WIN LOSS
Jaakko Viitanen Jay Maxwell LOSS WIN
Pietro Bruzzi Jyri Hakala WIN LOSS
Jay Maxwell Zoë Chandler WIN LOSS
Jussi Hytönen Mattia Boiani LOSS WIN
Håvard Lund Eidheim Markus Koivisto WIN LOSS
Mattia Boiani Christoffer Warelius LOSS WIN
Jussi Hytönen Markus Koivisto LOSS WIN
Håvard Lund Eidheim Christoffer Warelius LOSS WIN
Mattia Boiani Markus Koivisto LOSS WIN
Jussi Hytönen Christoffer Warelius LOSS WIN
Mattia Boiani Håvard Lund Eidheim WIN LOSS
Markus Koivisto Christoffer Warelius WIN LOSS
Jussi Hytönen Håvard Lund Eidheim LOSS WIN
Mikko Lehto Mikko Mustajärvi WIN LOSS
Andrey Muzurin Joachim Buchert WIN LOSS
Mikko Lehto Joachim Buchert WIN LOSS
Andrey Muzurin Mikko Mustajärvi WIN LOSS
Mikko Mustajärvi Joachim Buchert LOSS WIN
Andrey Muzurin Mikko Lehto LOSS WIN
Rony Urpola Mats Bergström LOSS WIN
Alexey Vaganov Kristofer Stanson LOSS WIN
Mats Bergström Alexey Vaganov LOSS WIN
Rony Urpola Kristofer Stanson LOSS WIN
Alexey Vaganov Rony Urpola LOSS WIN
Mats Bergström Kristofer Stanson LOSS WIN
Miro Lahtela Kristofer Stanson LOSS WIN
Konstantin Bulkin Markus Koivisto LOSS WIN
Jay Maxwell Jyri Hakala LOSS WIN
Ilkka Hartikainen Mattia Boiani WIN LOSS
Mikael Kitola Håvard Lund Eidheim WIN LOSS
Touko Nieminen Pietro Bruzzi WIN LOSS
Andrey Muzurin Christoffer Warelius WIN LOSS
Mikko Lehto Nikita Tatiannikov WIN LOSS
Kristofer Stanson Markus Koivisto WIN LOSS
Jyri Hakala Ilkka Hartikainen LOSS WIN
Touko Nieminen Mikael Kitola LOSS WIN
Mikko Lehto Andrey Muzurin LOSS WIN
Ilkka Hartikainen Kristofer Stanson LOSS WIN
Mikael Kitola Andrey Muzurin LOSS WIN
Kristofer Stanson Andrey Muzurin DRAW DRAW
Mikael Kitola Ilkka Hartikainen WIN LOSS

Rating outcomes

This shows how the fighters' ratings changed in the month of the event.

Note: If someone competed in multiple events this month their rating changes will reflect their performance in all those events, not just Helsinki Bolognese Open 2016