Level One: Military Sabre 2017

April 8
Saint Petersburg

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Men's Steel Sabre 30 11

Fighters in event

Timofey Matrosov Freifechtergilde
Anton Pshenov Mistral
Konstantin Bulkin Tramazzone
Jury Yakovlev Tramazzone
Igor Kashapov Tramazzone
Oleg Stepanov Tramazzone
Andrey Tkachenko Tramazzone
Alexey Shun'ko Tramazzone
Kirill Glushchenko Tramazzone
Alexey Suvorkin Tramazzone
Aulis Poshekhonov Tramazzone


Men's Steel Sabre

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Igor Kashapov Alexey Suvorkin WIN LOSS
Anton Pshenov Aulis Poshekhonov WIN LOSS
Timofey Matrosov Oleg Stepanov WIN LOSS
Konstantin Bulkin Jury Yakovlev WIN LOSS
Andrey Tkachenko Kirill Glushchenko WIN LOSS
Igor Kashapov Andrey Tkachenko WIN LOSS
Konstantin Bulkin Anton Pshenov LOSS WIN
Timofey Matrosov Alexey Shun'ko WIN LOSS
Oleg Stepanov Aulis Poshekhonov WIN LOSS
Jury Yakovlev Kirill Glushchenko LOSS WIN
Igor Kashapov Anton Pshenov DRAW DRAW
Konstantin Bulkin Timofey Matrosov WIN LOSS
Oleg Stepanov Andrey Tkachenko LOSS WIN
Alexey Shun'ko Kirill Glushchenko LOSS WIN
Jury Yakovlev Alexey Suvorkin LOSS WIN
Konstantin Bulkin Igor Kashapov WIN LOSS
Anton Pshenov Andrey Tkachenko LOSS WIN
Timofey Matrosov Kirill Glushchenko WIN LOSS
Oleg Stepanov Alexey Suvorkin LOSS WIN
Alexey Shun'ko Aulis Poshekhonov LOSS WIN
Igor Kashapov Kirill Glushchenko WIN LOSS
Anton Pshenov Alexey Shun'ko WIN LOSS
Timofey Matrosov Alexey Suvorkin WIN LOSS
Konstantin Bulkin Andrey Tkachenko WIN LOSS
Jury Yakovlev Aulis Poshekhonov WIN LOSS
Igor Kashapov Timofey Matrosov WIN LOSS
Jury Yakovlev Anton Pshenov LOSS WIN
Konstantin Bulkin Alexey Suvorkin LOSS WIN
Oleg Stepanov Alexey Shun'ko WIN LOSS
Andrey Tkachenko Aulis Poshekhonov LOSS WIN