Broadwater Bucklerthon 2017

November 18
United Kingdom

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Nylon Arming Sword & Buckler 48 17
Mixed Steel Any Sword & Buckler 24 10

Fighters in event


This lists the full outcomes in each of the tournaments at the event.

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Gordon Skillen Leigh Rees WIN LOSS
Philip Hodder Ian Baverstock LOSS WIN
Chris Mills John Waller DRAW DRAW
Leigh Rees Ian Baverstock WIN LOSS
John Waller Gordon Skillen LOSS WIN
Chris Mills Philip Hodder LOSS WIN
Leigh Rees John Waller LOSS WIN
Chris Mills Ian Baverstock DRAW DRAW
Gordon Skillen Philip Hodder LOSS WIN
Chris Mills Leigh Rees DRAW DRAW
John Waller Philip Hodder WIN LOSS
Gordon Skillen Ian Baverstock WIN LOSS
Philip Hodder Leigh Rees LOSS WIN
Chris Mills Gordon Skillen LOSS WIN
Ian Baverstock John Waller WIN LOSS
Aaron Coode Michael Harrap LOSS WIN
Sarah Messruther Rowan Chalklin LOSS WIN
Aaron Coode Ben Sciberras WIN LOSS
Michael Harrap Sarah Messruther WIN LOSS
Ben Sciberras Rowan Chalklin WIN LOSS
Sarah Messruther Aaron Coode LOSS WIN
Ben Sciberras Sarah Messruther LOSS WIN
Michael Harrap Rowan Chalklin LOSS WIN
Ben Sciberras Michael Harrap LOSS WIN
Aaron Coode Rowan Chalklin WIN LOSS
Jon Rolph Sam Wildman LOSS WIN
Daniel Philpott Harvey Dickinson LOSS WIN
Phillip Mair Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence LOSS WIN
Daniel Philpott Jon Rolph LOSS WIN
Sam Wildman Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence WIN LOSS
Phillip Mair Harvey Dickinson LOSS WIN
Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence Jon Rolph WIN LOSS
Phillip Mair Daniel Philpott WIN LOSS
Sam Wildman Harvey Dickinson WIN LOSS
Phillip Mair Jon Rolph LOSS WIN
Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence Harvey Dickinson LOSS WIN
Sam Wildman Daniel Philpott WIN LOSS
Harvey Dickinson Jon Rolph LOSS WIN
Sam Wildman Phillip Mair WIN LOSS
Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence Daniel Philpott WIN LOSS
Rowan Chalklin Sam Wildman LOSS WIN
Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence Michael Harrap WIN LOSS
Gordon Skillen Harvey Dickinson WIN LOSS
Jon Rolph Aaron Coode LOSS WIN
Sam Wildman Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence LOSS WIN
Gordon Skillen Aaron Coode LOSS WIN
Sam Wildman Gordon Skillen WIN LOSS
Aaron Coode Luke Erhlanderr-Lawrence LOSS WIN

Rating outcomes

This shows how the fighters' ratings changed in the month of the event.

Note: If someone competed in multiple events this month their rating changes will reflect their performance in all those events, not just Broadwater Bucklerthon 2017