Siberian Cup 2017

January 21

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Steel Longsword 29 15
Mixed Steel Rapier & Dagger 24 12
Mixed Steel Sabre 24 12
Mixed Nylon Arming Sword & Buckler 24 12
Mixed Classical Dueling Singlesword 35 18
Mixed Classical Dueling Singlesword 19 10
Women's Classical Dueling Singlesword 6 6

Fighters in event


This lists the full outcomes in each of the tournaments at the event.

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Demid Abramkin Artem Bykov LOSS WIN
Viktoriia Leshukova Evgenii Korshunov LOSS WIN
Dmitrii Fomenko Aleksei Elistratov LOSS WIN
Andrei Skrynko Maksim Khokhriakov WIN LOSS
Kseniia Kozlova Iuliia Pichugina LOSS WIN
Mikhail Aronov Viacheslav Kirienko LOSS WIN
Arina Serova Olga Ulybina WIN LOSS
Mikhail Nelubin Daria Novoselova WIN LOSS
Mikhail Khlestov Vladislav Puzyrev WIN LOSS
Viacheslav Kirienko Artem Bykov LOSS WIN
Iuliia Pichugina Mikhail Khlestov LOSS WIN
Arina Serova Mikhail Nelubin WIN LOSS
Aleksei Elistratov Andrei Skrynko WIN LOSS
Evgenii Korshunov Kseniia Kozlova WIN LOSS
Viktoriia Leshukova Demid Abramkin LOSS WIN
Daria Novoselova Mikhail Aronov LOSS WIN
Vladislav Puzyrev Olga Ulybina WIN LOSS
Maksim Khokhriakov Dmitrii Fomenko LOSS WIN
Mikhail Aronov Vladislav Puzyrev LOSS WIN
Arina Serova Artem Bykov WIN LOSS
Andrei Skrynko Kseniia Kozlova WIN LOSS
Evgenii Korshunov Mikhail Khlestov WIN LOSS
Viktoriia Leshukova Mikhail Nelubin LOSS WIN
Demid Abramkin Aleksei Elistratov LOSS WIN
Daria Novoselova Dmitrii Fomenko LOSS WIN
Iuliia Pichugina Viacheslav Kirienko LOSS WIN
Maksim Khokhriakov Olga Ulybina WIN LOSS
Viacheslav Kirienko Arina Serova WIN LOSS
Artem Bykov Evgenii Korshunov WIN LOSS
Aleksei Elistratov Dmitrii Fomenko WIN LOSS
Vladislav Puzyrev Andrei Skrynko LOSS WIN
Aleksei Elistratov Artem Bykov WIN LOSS
Viacheslav Kirienko Andrei Skrynko LOSS WIN
Aleksei Elistratov Andrei Skrynko WIN LOSS
Artem Bykov Viacheslav Kirienko WIN LOSS

Rating outcomes

This shows how the fighters' ratings changed in the month of the event.

Note: If someone competed in multiple events this month their rating changes will reflect their performance in all those events, not just Siberian Cup 2017

Rank Name Nationality Club Weighted rating Confidence
153 Aleksei Elistratov Arkenstone 1454
286 Dmitrii Ivanov Cale 1326.9
382 Andrei Skrynko Ultima Ratio Sibir 1264
576 Mikhail Nelubin Stroganov's Army 1166.6
741 Nikita Bekrenev N/A 1082.9
814 Ilia Sushentcev Cale 1044.5
878 Viacheslav Kirienko Garda 999.1
879 Viacheslav Koptev Ultima Ratio Sibir 999.1
894 Evgenii Petrov Golden Falcon 993.2
997 Ilia Kobzev Cale 944.7
998 Aleksandr Vengerskii Cale 944.7
996 Evgeniia Shumakova Cale 944.7
1193 Mikhail Aronov Ultima Ratio Sibir 844.8
1191 Dmitrii Malikov N/A 844.8
1192 Viktoriia Leshukova N/A 844.8