Ascent Saber Tournament 2016

October 1
Saint Petersburg

Tournament stats

Division Number of fights Number of fighters
Mixed Steel Sabre 26 12
Women's Steel Sabre 21 7
Men's Steel Sabre 74 32

Fighters in event


This lists the full outcomes in each of the tournaments at the event.

StageFighter 1Fighter 2Fighter 1 resultFighter 2 result
Ivan Kashitsyn Alexey Perkov LOSS WIN
Pavel Shilin Alexey Kamoilenko LOSS WIN
Nikita Evtushenko Alexey Perkov LOSS WIN
Alexey Kamoilenko Ivan Kashitsyn LOSS WIN
Pavel Shilin Nikita Evtushenko LOSS WIN
Alexey Kamoilenko Alexey Perkov LOSS WIN
Pavel Shilin Ivan Kashitsyn LOSS WIN
Alexey Kamoilenko Nikita Evtushenko LOSS WIN
Alexey Perkov Pavel Shilin WIN LOSS
Ivan Kashitsyn Nikita Evtushenko WIN LOSS
Sergey Volkov Alexey Borisov WIN LOSS
Vasily Moiseenko Pavel Chizh WIN LOSS
Sergey Volkov Alexey Moskalenko WIN LOSS
Alexey Borisov Vasily Moiseenko WIN LOSS
Pavel Chizh Alexey Moskalenko LOSS WIN
Sergey Volkov Vasily Moiseenko WIN LOSS
Pavel Chizh Alexey Borisov LOSS WIN
Alexey Moskalenko Vasily Moiseenko WIN LOSS
Pavel Chizh Sergey Volkov LOSS WIN
Alexey Borisov Alexey Moskalenko LOSS WIN
Alexander Strakhov Kirill Danilov WIN LOSS
Ruslan Verestchagin Nikolay Apraksin WIN LOSS
Kirill Danilov Pavel Dolgorukov WIN LOSS
Ruslan Verestchagin Alexander Strakhov LOSS WIN
Nikolay Apraksin Pavel Dolgorukov WIN LOSS
Ruslan Verestchagin Kirill Danilov LOSS WIN
Alexander Strakhov Nikolay Apraksin WIN LOSS
Pavel Dolgorukov Ruslan Verestchagin LOSS WIN
Kirill Danilov Nikolay Apraksin WIN LOSS
Pavel Dolgorukov Alexander Strakhov LOSS WIN
Sergey Tikhomirov Andrey Muzurin LOSS WIN
Vadim Komissarov David Singalevich WIN LOSS
Sergey Tikhomirov Vadim Komissarov WIN LOSS
David Singalevich Sergey Tikhomirov LOSS WIN
Andrey Muzurin Vadim Komissarov LOSS WIN
David Singalevich Andrey Muzurin LOSS WIN
Evgeniy Volodkov Alexey Bobunov WIN LOSS
Andrey Nekrylov Nikita Tatiannikov WIN LOSS
Viacheslav Rodionov Evgeniy Volodkov LOSS WIN
Andrey Nekrylov Alexey Bobunov LOSS WIN
Viacheslav Rodionov Nikita Tatiannikov LOSS WIN
Andrey Nekrylov Evgeniy Volodkov LOSS WIN
Alexey Bobunov Nikita Tatiannikov WIN LOSS
Andrey Nekrylov Viacheslav Rodionov LOSS WIN
Evgeniy Volodkov Nikita Tatiannikov WIN LOSS
Alexey Bobunov Viacheslav Rodionov WIN LOSS
Mikhail Bakir Dmitry Gibadullin LOSS WIN
Oleg Mikhailenko Konstantin Bulkin WIN LOSS
Mikhail Bakir Konstantin Bulkin WIN LOSS
Oleg Mikhailenko Mikhail Bakir WIN LOSS
Dmitry Gibadullin Konstantin Bulkin WIN LOSS
Oleg Mikhailenko Dmitry Gibadullin LOSS WIN
Mikhail Krivelev Alexander Rassadkin WIN LOSS
Semion Popov Andrey Terentiev DRAW DRAW
Mikhail Krivelev Semion Popov WIN LOSS
Andrey Terentiev Mikhail Krivelev LOSS WIN
Alexander Rassadkin Semion Popov WIN LOSS
Andrey Terentiev Alexander Rassadkin LOSS WIN
Ruslan Verestchagin Evgeniy Volodkov LOSS WIN
Kirill Danilov Alexey Moskalenko WIN LOSS
Dmitry Gibadullin Andrey Muzurin WIN LOSS
Sergey Tikhomirov Mikhail Krivelev LOSS WIN
Sergey Volkov Oleg Mikhailenko WIN LOSS
Alexander Rassadkin Alexey Perkov LOSS WIN
Ivan Kashitsyn Alexey Bobunov WIN LOSS
Alexander Strakhov Vadim Komissarov WIN LOSS
Evgeniy Volodkov Kirill Danilov WIN LOSS
Dmitry Gibadullin Mikhail Krivelev WIN LOSS
Sergey Volkov Alexey Perkov LOSS WIN
Alexander Strakhov Ivan Kashitsyn LOSS WIN
Evgeniy Volodkov Dmitry Gibadullin WIN LOSS
Ivan Kashitsyn Alexey Perkov WIN LOSS
Evgeniy Volodkov Ivan Kashitsyn WIN LOSS
Alexey Perkov Dmitry Gibadullin LOSS WIN

Rating outcomes

This shows how the fighters' ratings changed in the month of the event.

Note: If someone competed in multiple events this month their rating changes will reflect their performance in all those events, not just Ascent Saber Tournament 2016

Rank Name Nationality Club Weighted rating Confidence
1 Evgeniy Volodkov White Company 1946.8 63.1
4 8 Dmitry Gibadullin UKRF 1688.5 168.4
6 Kirill Danilov White Company 1586.5 5.8
12 9 Alexey Perkov Tramazzone 1523.4 96.8
13 6 Andrey Muzurin CounterTime 1517.3 58.5
16 Ivan Kashitsyn White Company 1477.6
23 60 Alexander Strakhov CounterTime 1429.7 353.1
24 16 Mikhail Krivelev Mistral 1426.9 163.9
25 20 Sergey Volkov White Company 1425.5 183.2
38 13 Alexander Rassadkin White Company 1283 65
40 3 Mikhail Bakir FFC Paladin 1281.8 32.4
50 Oleg Mikhailenko N/A 1245.9
52 Alexey Bobunov N/A 1240.5
55 Alexey Moskalenko FFC Paladin 1223.3
68 18 Vadim Komissarov Freifechtergilde 1179.3 104.8
71 30 Konstantin Bulkin CounterTime 1169 87.8
77 Ruslan Verestchagin FFC Paladin 1142.5
86 Nikita Evtushenko FFC Paladin 1110.3
87 Andrey Nekrylov Freifechtergilde 1094.7 27.4
90 42 Sergey Tikhomirov N/A 1086.4 279.6
91 12 Andrey Terentiev FFC Paladin 1084.9 2.2
97 21 Alexey Borisov CounterTime 1074.7 165.5
98 8 Nikolay Apraksin Scuola Saint George 1067.7 33.5
101 2 Nikita Tatiannikov Tramazzone 1023.1 32.1
115 Alexey Kamoilenko N/A 961.7
121 Viacheslav Rodionov N/A 942.3
122 Semion Popov CounterTime 940.2
126 Vasily Moiseenko Freifechtergilde 913.3
136 19 Pavel Shilin Mistral 865.3 43.9
140 Pavel Dolgorukov Freifechtergilde 817.6
151 Pavel Chizh Mistral 767.4
154 David Singalevich N/A 749.5